Solar Billboard Lighting

Solar-powered LED billboard lighting system consists of solar panels and a number of floodlights integrated with lithium based batteries on the size of area to be lit- producing the highest available brightness levels while still being energy efficient.

Solar LED Street Lighting

We offer a wide range of solar lighting solutions from traditional solar lighting systems to integrated solar light systems with CCTV cameras. These units can be used for: Security and Safety Lighting, Rural Area Lighting, Dock Lights, Parking Lot Lighting, Walkway Lighting, Street Lighting, Outdoor Area Lighting.

Solar Oil & Gas application

Be it an On-shore or Off-shore application, solar PV units can be custom designed as per demand. Specially designed shatter-proof solar PV modules with inverters & battery placed inside an explosion proof enclosure can be designed to power the lighting load required on an On-shore or Off-shore oil rigs.

Solar Surveillance and Security Systems

Solar security systems include standalone solar lighting & solar security units, with a Self- contained Solar Power Unit, Motion Sensors and Remote 3g Cellular remote monitoring. The security camera and wireless device are solar powered and video is accessed wirelessly. Independence from the grid and from data cables essentially allows any security camera to be placed in almost any location, yet video can still be conveniently accessed by the user from any location via the Internet.

Solar Car Ports

It is suitable for illuminating areas where it would be too difficult or too expensive to install an electric supply or where an environmentally friendly 'green' lighting source is required. Perfect for lighting up pathways, driveways, lanes and car parks. The Installation is relatively simple.

Solar Portacabin

Off-Grid Power Systems at site where electricity grid is non-existent or unstable and are an alternative to diesel generators.

Solar Powered Pump Solutions

Solar water pump inverter adopts the dynamic MPPT technology and motor control technology, and is suitable for AC water pumps with prompt response, high efficiency and stable performance.

Solar Air Conditioning

We offer Inverter technology Based Solar Air Conditioning and basically have two different concepts- a solar/battery operated all- DC unit in various configurations based on the required daily hours of operation. We also offer an AC-DC hybrid unit that needs only 4 solar panels, needs no batteries or charge controller, it uses up to 90% DC solar power in the daytime, mixed with AC, and uses all-AC power at night. Visit for more product information.

About Us

Based in United Arab Emirates, Lion Solar Power And Lighting is a competent solution provider in Solar Photovoltaic Systems and LED Lighting, operated and run by a group of highly qualified and experienced team of engineers (Design offices based in India and China) and competent execution team.

The company offers clients a total package of turnkey EPC solutions for solar on-grid and off-grid systems, portable back-up power systems, solar air-conditioning, billboard lighting and project consultancy services for solar and storage.

We have installed more than 2000 LED and solar light systems in UAE and 3 megawatts solar power systems in India. The company’s range of services specialize in design, engineering, procurement, assembly, electrical- mechanical installation, testing & commissioning and maintenance.

With strong involvement in the market, Lion Solar Power And Lighting understands the market requirements and hence have highly competent OEM based product range and in-house assembly in Inverter Technology Based Solar Air Conditioners (LION SOLAR AIR CONDITIONERS), LED Indoor & Outdoor Lighting, Solar LED Tower Lights and decorative street light poles.

For projects, Lion Solar Power And Lighting maintains a network of premium class manufacturers (Sharp, Vikram Solar, Yingli Solar, SMA, Good We, Steca, BAE, Trojan, Grundfos, Schneider Electric) and has partnered with world renowned companies to offer the best products to our customers, giving us a strong recognition in the Middle East market.

How Do We Work

We want what our clients want. To Save Electricity Bills. To Take Control of Energy with Solar and Storage.

Commercial, private and government organizations can achieve greater control, reliability and security with solar and storage systems.

Our turnkey solar microgrids combine renewable energy and storage to provide communities with clean, resilient and affordable power. Realize long term savings by reducing expensive diesel and utility costs and eliminate interruptions from blackouts.

We ensure every stage of a project is completed with utmost sustainability right from the start to the finishing point and final handover of projects.

Our guarantee:
-Competent Project Management
-Commitment to timely completion and on budget
-High skilled workforce
-Quality & Safety Assurance



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